Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday Morning Update

This is Willem's good friend Megan. These two are so cute together!
She came over to play a day last week and we loved having her here.

Hazey (oh I LOVE this girl!!) and mama

We have sort of a construction zone going on outside. We are having a big
shop built. It is funny to see how excited the kids are about this project.
We are planning to have a loft with a game room! Merit is already dreaming
of a pool table. :) Last night we sat and visited in the middle of the construction sight. Hazel ran around topless. On this shot she has her binkie, but is also running around with a bagel. She makes me giggle often.

I love the way the Autumn light streams into our home!

We have an athlete in the house, an outdoorsman and an imaginative princess. The man of the house likes to watch football and play catch with the athlete. Also, we all enjoy his soccer games! The outdoorsman is happy with a fishing pole in hand, mud under his feet or sitting in front of a campfire and the princess loves pretending. Once she enters the land of imagination I am often "Elbee" and she is "CeCe." I love seeing this come alive!! When Merit was Hazel's age I was often doing pit stops with his Nascar as he ran around in a Dale Jr or Jeff Gordon suit! I often wondered what the neighbors thought. With Willem, he was a baby lion and I was his keeper or we would play army.

Today my sis Natasha has been on my mind. To be honest most hours of every day she is on my mind. I am praying they find the right heart medication for her and the right dosage. I am also praying that the right medication will work without yucky side affects. Also, Lane had an accident at AWANA involving two front permanent teeth last week. Adding a series of dental appts to Natasha's already long list of appts feels overwhelming. We are praying that there is no nerve damage and that Lane's teeth tighten and heal wonderfully. Today Lesha is headed down to be with Natasha and the kids. I am so glad that she is able to go. Oh, what I wouldn't do to hop on that plane with her!! :) I LOVE sister time! I am reminded daily that so many need our prayers. I want to be a prayerful sister, wife, mother, friend... and the list goes on.

Enjoy your Thursday. I think it is going to be a great day!

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Liz said...

The new shop and game room sounds very exciting!

Continuing to pray for your sister. Sorry to hear about Lane's teeth. Praying for him as well!