Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday evening post

School is in session. It is taking me a while to adjust to this, Merit too. Will, however, is really enjoying it. His personality is really funny. I love what he shares about his class and teacher and how he shares it. I am struggling to try to get him to eat something healthy in his school lunch. He is Picky with a capital P.  Today I packed him cereal and milk. He told me he forgot the milk was in his lunckpack so he ate the cereal dry, Shredded Wheat. His days are long, but he is going with it and his teacher says he is doing great. He has a small class (love that) and Merit has a huge class. I am thankful for their teachers and their learning. I hope Merit gets into the groove a little more. I hope I do too.
Our Labor Day weekend was wonderful. We went to Idaho for a little get away.
These are some of my favorite days... the season changing from summer to autumn with cooler mornings and evenings but warm temps in the middle of the day. Today, a sweet woman who I met through photography and church, shared pears and apples with us. Tomorrow I will get applesauce going in the crock pot. I long to be susie homemaker again. I have been susie messmaker all summer.
Life is so full of blessings and challenges. When I go to the boys' school I love to observe the kids. So many of them make me smile and some of them make my heart hurt a bit. I want to be there more. The teacher in me is wanting to come out, but oh how I love my days with Miss Hazel.
My heart hurts for my sis Natasha. Her life is very full right now. She is feeling more heart irregularities. Lots of doctors appts and now dentist appts for Lane who bonked two of his permanent teeth last night. I probably should wait to let her share that if she plans too... but some extra prayers would be so appreciated.
I want to give a shout out to her friends Kelly and Susan who are supporting her and providing childcare. Good friends are rich blessings.
Today I so badly want an evening out on my dad's patio with my four siblings and our families again... moments like that are really good for the attitude. The laughter is excellent medicine.

Our cabin has been a good little haven for us.

Our little cabin...

A FUN weekend get away!!
Coeur 'd Alene

 Vance and Willem even went parasailing! They loved it!!!
The weather was beautiful and we had a fun time.


Debra said...

oh Michele, I love how warm & inviting the cabin looks. That boat looks like it was a lot of fun. I know what you mean about seeing some of those children, & how it hurts your heart. I felt that way a lot when I drove school bus. You just wanna scoop them up & love on them. I pray for your sister often & will continue to pray for her...

Natasha said...

Oh for a weekend hanging out on dad's patio or at your cabin. The Idaho get away look like so much fun too. I would love to go parasailing!

Anonymous said...

Glad that y'all had a great Labor Day getaway. Prayers for your sister!