Saturday, June 30, 2012


We have spent a lot of hours this past week in the yard.
Soaking up the sun, playing catch, enjoying the slip and slide, visiting with friends... it has been good.
Merit enjoyed Vacation Bible School this week.
What a wonderful week of growing closer to the Lord.

Nellie girl

Hazel Jane!

Crescent Bar is such a beautiful, fun place to hang out!! Last year, we stayed there with all
my bros and sisters and dad for the weekend. It was wonderful! I wish we could have done that
again this summer, but different schedules, work etc got in the way.
Lesha, Rob and family did spend four days there and the kids and I were able to join them for one of the days. It was so nice!

Kai and Merit




Hazel really enjoyed her bubble gum icecream!

Lesha and me!


Debra said...

I hope summer will slow down for me... June was a crazy busy month. I can't get over how big Nellie is now. Cute pictures of all the kids. Cresent Bar looks like a fun place to go & enjoy time with family.

Natasha said...

Ahh, wish we could have been at Crescent Bar! Looks like it was fun!

Liz said...

Ummmmm....what happen to that little puppy? I can't believe how big she has gotten! So glad that you enjoyed your visit with your sister and family.

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