Monday, June 11, 2012

Our graduate

This kid!
It is so hard to describe Willem. He isn't easy to get to know... he is shy, but only at first. He has such a gentle heart. He is SO smart.
He is imaginative, inventive and responsible.
We are so proud of our kindergarten graduate.

Willem! I love your smile!

Our kinder graduate with Mrs. King.
She is a FANTASTIC teacher!!
Both of our boys have been SO blessed to have great teachers.
Teachers with a heart for kids, a true dedication, teachers who go above and beyond.

Hazel LOVES Mrs. King!

Now it is on to SUMMER BREAK!


Natasha said...

Willem is such a unique, fun kid! Love your skirt your wearing in those pictures too.

Leah Roy said...

I agree with Natasha, you look beautiful! The skirt is stunning. Congratulations to Willem, what a sweet boy and handsome boy he is!

Katie said...

Love your pictures. Now you've inspired me to get mine on the blog! Your skirt is beautiful! Missing you...thinking of doing the aquatic center on Friday, around noon. Want to join us there? A bunch from Royal are going!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Willem!

Shan and the J's said...

looking gorgeous my friend!!! Praying for your sweet sis...may God's healing hand touch her quickly and completely.