Friday, April 6, 2012

Feeling so blessed

This spring break has been wonderful.
I think, quite possibly, the best yet.

Nellie why oh why do you like to poop and pee in the house
and garage when we give you 30 opportunities a day to go outside?!

But that unconditional, I'll follow you anywhere love a dog gives is pretty incredible.

I love the imagination.

The beauty in nature has been so wonderful this week.
And watching the kids enjoy it is so fantastic.

Willem, Merit and I painted at Art Garden Pottery this week! SO fun!!

We had some fun playing Connect 4 yesterday!
Also yesterday we went to see Dr. Seuss the Lorax!
It was really good, I especially liked the end.

I have listened to this song a few times this morning. It is so beautiful.
It is so important to remember what Easter really means.
Jesus paid it all.


Natasha said...

Nellie is getting so big! Wish we could have spent some of our spring break with you guys :(

violet131 said...

I love the puppy!♥♥♥♥