Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring, Stanley, a love for books

oh the sweet signs of spring!!
I won't share our flower beds covered with tumble weeds!
I hope Willem, Hazel and I can do some raking and cleaning up this afternoon.

Yesterday afternoon a few of us PTA members set up for the Scholastic Book Fair.
The spring book fair is Buy 1 Get 1 Free, so this is a hit. Lots of books! Lots of students excited about books! I was drooling over some of the books. There are several great recipe and cook books for sale this time around too. I noticed that Flat Stanley is for sale. I think this will be one of the books we purchase because we have had a fun time getting to know Flat Stanley over the past six months.

Emma Willemsen who is one day younger than Merit (and her mom is one day younger than me!) sent us Flat Stanley at the beginning of the school year. We were to take him on a few adventures and share our life in Moses Lake with him.

Stanley flew to North Dakota in the fall.
This is our good buddy Jeff, also a pilot, showing Stanley a good time.
Stanley loved hunting.
It was truly a guys trip.

Stanley had a few scary experiences in North Dakota.

(Don't worry, this one won't be sent to Emma's third grade class)

Stanley learned to drive the golf cart when he was here. Riding
with him is a bit frightening, but it sure is exciting.

Merit and Stanley

Stanley loves the view from one of our trees in the front yard.

Have you or your kids read Flat Stanley?
Do you have any book suggestions for our family?

It is so much fun to make reading exciting and enjoyable!
Emma, if you happen to read this, thanks for sending Stanley!!
We are sending him back to you with some pictures on Monday.


Natasha said...

I love the Stanley idea, I haven't heard of the books. I will have to look for them. Lane has been loving the Hank the Cow dog books!

kelly said...

We also love the Flat Stanley books. How exciting to have him visit! We have been reading a lot of Magic Treehouse books and Skippy Jon Jones too.

A few years ago our cousin sent a friend like that to us, he was a turtle from NJ. We showed him all about California geology and sent him home with a laminated surfboard his size...Did you know that the largest Eastern Pacific green sea turtle ever recorded was known to spend time in the San Diego Bay? The turtle was affectionately known to local scientists as “Wrinklebutt” due to the unique deformity of her shell that weighed in at 550 pounds!

San Diego Bay is home to a population of approximately 60 green sea turtles!:)

Anonymous said...

Of course not having children, I have no idea what these books are. But I've seen other posts on Flat Stanley and I think it's just hysterical! Love the pictures!