Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jansen Family Catch Up

This past week has been one of the busiest. I think the next month or two may be like that. Soccer, baseball, PTA stuff, the Scholastic Book Fair, end of the year field trips and so on.  The boys' Spring Concert was last Friday. They did a great job! Hazel was a little lady sitting in the audience. In the past she has gotten restless, but this time she did great!

Merit is playing baseball and soccer. His schedule is very busy. He is keeping his grades up though. The boys got their report cards yesterday and we are proud of their high marks.

Willem has lost two teeth now! He is so excited about this! He has been waiting a long time (in his mind) to lose his baby teeth. He was so excited to see what the tooth fairy brought him. We had a conference with Will's teacher yesterday. She had lots of good things to say about him. I am so thankful that he is studious and a very kind, helpful person! He his ready for first grade.

Hazel loves being outdoors. She loves golfcart rides, going down to the cabin, blowing bubbles, playing with Nellie... She also enjoys going to different parks and ball fields around town.

I took on a position with PTA. Our boys' school needs involved parents. It feels good to be involved. I want to make a difference and help support their education.

My photography is picking up again. These spring blossoms and beautiful days encourage people to book family photo shoots! I have four booked for this month and then I think I will wait and schedule some for May. I have to remember not to over schedule. I love down time too.

Vance enjoyed a fishing trip to the Ketchikan cabin. He said the weather was beautiful. It is such a good place to relax. He had fun.  He is helping with Merit's baseball team too which is really cool.

One of my favorite recent pictures

Willem looks out for Hazel in an incredible way.
He is so good to her.
I love watching this.

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Kelley Gubler said...

that picture is so sweet! the best shots are always the ones they don't know you're taking :)