Tuesday, April 24, 2012

enjoying the 80s

This weather has been so beautiful! We are soaking it up! Saturday afternoon
I had a photo shoot at the Japanese Gardens. The weather was so nice. I will post
pictures on my photography blog soon. We also worked in the yard a bunch on Saturday.
Vance got a lot done. It was so good to be outside. The kids ran through the sprinkler, Nellie
got lots of exercise! Spring is here.
Sunday, Merit had a 3 hour baseball practice. They did it first thing in the morning because by afternoon the temp had hit mid 80s. Baseball is taking up a lot of his time, but he really seems to enjoy it. He is learning a lot and improving his skill. He is meeting lots of new kids too which is fun.

Yesterday, Willem, Hazel and I met our dear friends Katie, Maddie and Sam at the park.
It was 86 degrees!


Hazel hot, sweaty and havin' fun!

Maddie and Hazel



Then we headed over to the other side of McCosh park. Hazel
was tired, but we were having so much fun in the sun we just wanted a few
more minutes of play and our friends Liz and Mitchell were there!

As the kids had a really fun time playing, I got to catch up with two fabulous friends and just soak up the day.

We then headed home to greet Merit as he got off of the bus. I made dinner, then the kids and I headed to soccer for Merit! All the boys ran and played, shirts off, having a blast. After soccer, baseball. Whew! No wonder I was ready to collapse at 9 p.m. last night. What I find to be so encouraging and fun though is that we love this. Willem and Hazel meet new friends, do lots of exploring, get a lot of exercise... Merit seems to love being a part of a team and he is good about making time for his reading and homework too. No time for TV or the Wii lately, but that is okay! Sure some days it gets to be a bit much and the laundry pile gets high, but it has been good fun.
Vance helps a lot with Merit's baseball teams and it is fun to watch them out on the field.

Willem and Mitch

 The Japanese Gardens! I am excited for summer days, packing a sack lunch and heading to the Japanese Gardens, a park, the Aquatic Center or enjoying our yard!

Today is another FULL day!


Natasha said...

Maddie looks so sweet in that black and white picture. We haven't hit the 80's yet! Your weather looks beautiful.

Katie said...

I so enjoyed our afternoon yesterday! Wished I hadn't done so much talking and let you talk a bit! Next time, tell me to shut-it!!! Yikes! Anyway, glad we were able to get together for a bit. Sweet pics you took too. Thanks for lunch as well!!! Have a great week :)

Kelley Gubler said...

Never been to the japanese gardens...looks like a great setting for photos! hmm...maybe our next family photo...lol!

Joelle said...

Look at those flushed faces! So cute! We had a nice weekend here too. Nothing like 80's, but nice enough to enjoy being outside. Now today is rain, rain, rain! Oh well, the plants really needed it!

~Debra~ said...

Awe... They are all so cute! I'm loving this weather.