Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winter Fun

a kitchen cupboard hide out

Wyatt has been letting Merit and Willem practice a bit on his snow board.
It is so fun to watch!
These three boys are loving the snow! They have made igloos, jumps for the sled and
snowboard and have just had a ball!

Vance and Hazel in the jeep in our front field


Wyatt, you rock!


love this snowy trail

Just before nap time... cozied up in mama's arms with the binkie.
Hazel is fighting naps less lately. The cold crisp air and hiking around a bit
in her boots makes for one tired girl.

My brother Matt went on a motorcylce trip to Mexico with Vance's dad and
several others. He also enjoyed some time in Coronado with Natasha's family.
On the way down and on the way back we got some time with him.
Willem was thrilled to have Matt around to build his train set!
Matt picked Merit up from basketball practice Monday night, which Merit considered
a real treat.

I want to get in my craftroom and make a couple cards sometime soon.
I have the card making bug.

 The snow is so pretty, but not so fun to drive in. I know my husband being in the trucking business has lots of extra work "stuff" this time of year. I appreciate him coming home smiling even when he is exhausted. Makes it hard for all of those trying to keep things running smoothly when the weather isn't cooperating.  It would be a hard time of year to be a truck driver with icy roads, cold temps and mountain pass closures.  A shout out to Mike for all of his hard work and dedication!! Deb, I hope you are reading my blog today, :)

 Today everything is melting, the sun is shining... it looks really pretty.


Natasha said...

We want some snow! That snowboarding looks awesome! Your craft room is also calling my name!

Mindy K said...

I talked with Vance yesterday, he told me Will enjoyed the mustaches, hoping for blog possts of the crazy Jansen mustache kids.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Glad the kids are enjoying the snow. We have had a warm winter for which I am extremely thankful for! I am hoping it keeps up right on into an early spring!