Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This Week...

fun around the property in the jeep

Our little tree climber nature boy!

iphones, instagram... oh I love pictures and not
just with my fancy Canon
Jocelynne and Hazel
They enjoyed playing together while Jocelynne's mom, auntie and I got a visit!
I kinda like this 1970s look

GOALS for the week:

1. Write 5 letters.
2. Make 10 cards.
3. Go for afternoon hikes with Willem and Hazel.
4. Schedule a date with my hubby.
5. Spend extra time with Merit and Will on their homework.
6. Spend time outside breathing in the crisp, sweet winter air.


Katie said...

Finally sat down and got caught up on your blog. I have been so bad at blogging/reading other blogs lately! Life has been so busy and we all had the lovely stomach flu over the weekend, which was a-w-f-u-l. Yuck. Anyway, so glad to see you're enjoying our not-so-winter weather and keeping busy with those cute kids. So sorry about Rudy, very sad for you and your family. It's like losing a part of the family...so glad you have so many sweet memories with that dear dog.

Would love to meet you in Moses to thrift or go to lunch one of these days. I'm inspired by your fun finds you post :) Take care and much love to you.

Mindy K said...

Hi Michele!
I have been thinking of all of you since you lost Rudy. It was so sad to see her at Christmas when Stan carried her to the kennel. I bet it is so hard on all of you. I have treated Ivy extra nice these last few weeks knowing how much a dog can bring to the family.
I hope you are healing. She was such a good dog.