Saturday, January 21, 2012


 The kids are enjoying this snow! I love to see how helpful Merit and Willem are with Hazel when she goes out to join them just for a bit!

Merit goes down the hill on his feet on this sled.
Wyatt, Willem and Merit made a little jump too.
They catch air and have fun!
Wyatt let Merit and Willem try out his
snowboard today and they were pretty good on it!

When Hazel's gloves are missing, mama's gloves will do.

The ingredients for hot cocoa are a MUST on these snow days!!

Hazel loves these puppies.
Fur Real puppies are soo cute and realistic.
Willem and Hazel have spent many hours playing with them.

We miss Rudy our lab a lot. What great companions dogs can be.
She was a loyal companion and a good friend. I am thankful she
lived a long life.

I am so grateful. Willem had a great birthday and a fun party!
I am crazy about his friends. He has so many kind, polite kids in his life.


kelly said...
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kelly said...

my boys would love to play in that snow!!! so awesome to see them having a blast! Hot Cocoa sounds ideal. <3 I love your SpongeBob Cake Willem!!!

iNHERiT.THE.WiND said...
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