Friday, August 27, 2010

Sweet Summer Time Happenings

I am scrolling through summer time pictures... man, this has been a good summer.
We've played SO much!
Merit starts school next week. We went last night to the school to find out who his teacher is and
who is in his class. He was SOOO excited! Then we went home and celebrated with rootbeer floats, a Scooby Doo movie and popcorn!
Some of these pics I have posted before... but I just want to share some sweet summer memories.

Willem speaks OFTEN about the fun summer memories with LANE!
Both boys are crazy about him~!
Hazel likes Kelly's arms~
Prayerful, wonderful, fun friends
Kendal and Gramma Kris
hanging out with Wyatt, our neighbor and friend
cousins in Lynden! These guys are a ball!!

Jansen cousins!
uncle Matt
Soccer Camp FUN!
Hazel and Kyrie
Kyrie's mommy has been such a blessing to me this summer.
Happy, smiling, silly girl!
Birch Bay with Lane!
lots of time in the yard!

Willem with his shirt on backwards
Merit, desert bike riding
Me and my honey!

ohhhh and our last boating trip was a highlight! We even caught fish!
Willem was out of his head with excitement.


The Price Family said...

Those pictures say so much! Glad you have some amazing memories from this summer!

Natasha said...

Those pictures make me miss all you guys even more! I love watching Lane with all his cousins.

Anonymous said...

It really does look like y'all had a great summer! Great pictures!