Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cousin Fischer (in green) and Willem (wearing red and black)
...enjoying soccer camp.
soccer camp!
skills, drills and fun...Willem loves it.
working in the yard; these two like to join me
We are growing some of the biggest, tallest weeds we ever have! ugh
Hazel's company makes it all more enjoyable.

These are sooo pretty! I have closets to clean out, more weeding to do and photography
on the agenda. I will be back in a couple of days!


Jonathan and Kristen said...

Hazel is the one growing like a weed! Your pretty little girl is getting so big! Willem looks like he had a ball. His smile is contagious. Good luck with those closets...

Anonymous said...

Soccer camp sounds like fun! Glad that he's enjoying it! Hazel looks so sweet! I know what you mean about weeds. They can be so troublesome!