Sunday, August 29, 2010

vintage, bragging about my sistas, sweet baby girl

so cute... had to share
I love "vintage"
I also love baking in my kitchen.
I talked to my sis Natasha today. She had two different breads rising and was making some things for her baby girl to be. Talk about inspiring. She is a great cook and baker... very crafty too... and gets a lot accomplished. I teased her that later this afternoon she'd probably be slaughtering and plucking a chicken and making her own stock. Seriously, I wouldn't put it past her. And my other sister, Lesha, an artist as well. She is a fabulous painter, she has such a gift of "design" in her home... and where is her clutter???

I bought a new cricut cartridge, with all sorts of fun vintage shapes to cut! FROM MY KITCHEN it's called.
I want to get my hands on it! But I need to get more organized around here before I treat myself to an hour with the cricut.
I was fairly productive today. I feel I am never "caught up" but I did get a lot of cleaning and picking up done. And I got some phone time with two fabulous gals! This was great for my mood.
Also, I want to share my standing little girl!  She is also climbing stairs. These kids have been a ball. Hazel is growing so much!

a potato chip!? Yummm


Natasha said...

Oh that dress of Hazel's is so adorable! I want one for myself! Thanks for the compliments, I never got around to plucking the chicken last night, it's hard to catch a chicken while I'm pregnant :)

Joelle said...

So cute Michele, and I know, I'm amazed at what Natasha is able to get accomplished in a day. She truly inspires me too. So do you!!!

Keeping Up With the Hollemans said...

All 3 of you are so fabulous and inspiring :) Hazel is so adorable...can't wait to meet her (and the rest of the fam) this fall when we do pics!

Anonymous said...

Hazel is just adorable!