Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hazel Jane! Waving, saying mama and dada... learning to clap...
sweet baby girl!

Siblings - Life is way more fun because of them.
We enjoyed seeing my four siblings in Lynden.

Aunt Lesha is so sweet to Hazel Jane.
Last weekend in Lynden was packed with activities. We attended Vance's company picnic. We also celebrated my dad's 60th, my Grandma Alma's 75th and Vance and my 12th wedding anniversary. We got lots of time with cousins and family.
Vance and I had a date night too!! First time just the two of us went out in a long time!

Grandma Alma -- looking so beautiful at 75!

Grandma's friend Sam

Merit and Uncle Matt
My Aunt Jill is up from Texas. It was very nice to visit with my mom's sister!


Back at Stan and Adie's... Hazel was fighting the picture a bit! :)

Cousin FUN
Willem and Kendal
Willem loves playing with babies! He is so good with his cousin Kendal and with Hazel.

I am so thankful for this time at home with the kids.
Summer time is busy and fun!
Highlights of this past week:
Hazel's copy cat personality!
Willem's Soccer Camp
Time with family in Lynden
An Anniversary dinner
Swimming at Gramma's
Time at home with these growing kids!


The Price Family said...

I love how much fun big families bring. You have so much love, and that is what is important. Great post!

Natasha said...

Good times! Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Looks like some fun family time!