Monday, August 2, 2010

My dad's 60th birthday was Friday. It is hard to believe my dad is 60. And so much has happened during this past year. On my dad's 59th birthday, I got the call from my sis Natasha that she was in labor. I was sooo excited! I was parked out in front of a grocery store in Moses Lake. She called and said she was in labor... their baby was coming three weeks early! I wondered if this sweet baby - we didn't know if it was a boy or girl - would be born on July 30th, our dad's birthday. Case William arrived very early the morning of July 31st, missing his grandpa's birthday by a couple of hours. We were all thrilled! A healthy baby BOY!  Lane had a little brother! Natasha and Reese had their second son. We didn't know on that blessed day that Case would not live to see his first birthday. I suppose it is good we don't know those things, because our joy would be less and on "birth days" it is such a precious gift to feel complete joy.
Then this past Friday, my dad turned 60. He works and plays more like he's 30. Sadly, the following day, Reese, Natasha and Lane had to face a day they never anticipated having to face. Natasha had a sweet celebration for Case on what would have been his first birthday. Her blog is attached to mine, check out her sweet, intimate celebration.
My heart aches because of this loss, but I have a lot of thanksgiving in my heart too. Reese, Natasha and Lane will add a baby girl to their sweet family - this is a huge blessing. Natasha continues to look to God and their sweet family remains faithful and carries on in a brave, determined way. Reese and Natasha are determined to provide a lot of joy and fun for Lane and they share Case's memory in such a wonderful way. Natasha takes good care of herself as she is growing this baby girl.
God is good and there is a lot of joy in this world. I am so grateful for summer break with our kids. 29 days left and I will treasure EACH ONE!
Today, Willem and Merit biked as I pushed Hazel in the jogging stroller. It was hot and we were all a bit uncomfortable, but I brought plenty of water which I poured over the boys' heads and Hazey's feet every 1/2 mile or so. Willem called Hazel a princess a couple of times on our adventure and he called Merit a princess  once too. It's funny, the ultimate compliment Willem gives Hazel is calling her a beautiful princess - but when he and Merit are argueing he likes to insult Merit by calling him a princess. Today Willem said to Merit "You are a princess who likes girl ponies!" Geesshhh, he doesn't even know they are called "my little ponies" --- good thing we have a little girl in the house who can someday teach us about these things. :)
I hoped to take a few pictures of the boys last night... but it went something like this:

BTW, that is Merit's "I've just about had it" expression.
They fight and love to tease eachother. But they are SUCH GREAT BUDDIES too.

Willem and I built his lego fire station this morning. The pretending
that came after the fire station was complete was my favorite part!

Hazel likes to "play kitchen."

summer evenings are my favorite
in our yard, Hazel with just a diaper, I love it

Our pumpkin plants look good... should we already have pumpkins though??
A garden is hardly a garden without pumpkins!

Wishing you sunshine and love...


Katie said...

I'm so glad Natasha has this baby girl to look forward to! Thanks for sharing about their progress. I think of her often and my heart hurts for what she must be going through. I can empathize with it a little bit and that extremely hurts so I can't imagine the loss she feels. You're such a wonderful sister too Michele...what a blessing you are to your family. Let's get together soon- we'd love to have a playdate before school starts! Let's figure out a time :)

Anonymous said...

I hope your Dad had a wonderful birthday! I think the celebration for Case sounded very sweet! I know he is greatly missed!

Team Roy said...

You write so well Michele. Summer sounds relaxing in your parts. I'm so glad Natasha and Lane have gotten to spend time with family this summer.