Saturday, July 24, 2010

With my camera in hand

I have been taking lots and lots of pictures this summer. My new camera is proving to be lots of fun and it challenges me to learn more. Yesterday I sat down for an hour or so, just researching different features of my camera and trying to get to know it better.This past week I enjoyed photographing two beautiful families. I have to share! And I am sharing lots! Have a great weekend.

The Badgleys
beautiful family of seven!

The Shaw Family

Four Generations
Pictures like this are precious to me. Seeing generations of loved ones
together warms my heart.
The Shaw Women - beautiful ladies


Alisa said...

You've done it again, Sweet friend! These photos brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for capturing these special family moments for us.

Caryn said...

Beautiful pictures of two beautiful families! Love the pictures - love the families!

Team Roy said...

These pictures are SO great Michele! FUN! Wish we lived near one another so I could take some pointers from you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures Michele!