Thursday, July 8, 2010

blooming lavendar, summer days, smiling baby

Oh how I love lavendar and our baby girl does too!

And more of our sweetie in her 70s shirt, on a favorite red chair of mine, wearing a giant bright red flower knitted by Aunt Natasha.
The boys were doing patty cake for Hazel and she was soooo excited, smiling and swinging her arms.
Today it will be HOT! Time to cool down...


Jonathan and Kristen said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful baby! I can't wait to see that adorable little Hazel Jane again. What a doll baby!

Brandon and Kari Mulder said...

Love you pics...thanks so much for pre-ordering one of our adoption mailing address is:
1305 Boon Avenue #218
Sumas, WA 98295
However, there is no need to send a check until they come in we are still looking out a month or so.

Natasha said...

Look at those chubby little hands on Hazel. I had forgot about that flower I knitted. Can't wait to see you guys soon!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! She has such a pretty smile!