Sunday, July 25, 2010

capturing love

I have to share more photography. Although I had only met Jim and Vicki once before, I was so excited to see their fun spirits, their love for their family and their love for eachother. Also, I thought "Grandpa Damon" was such a sweet older gentleman. Getting pictures of him with his great grandchildren was a treasure.
I've known Scott and Alisa and their kids for five years. Watching their family grow has been a joy. They are some of the most photogenic people... I was blessed to be a "part of their family" Friday night.

Great Grandpa Damon helping Adeline with her shoe

Clifton Kids
and then Saturday morning, it was the adorable Clifton children!

These two love eachother so much! They were so happy and sweet!

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Alisa said...

Thanks for your sweet words, Michele. It was very touching to us to read that and then to see those beautiful pictures! You are so very talented and thoughtful. Also, I love the pictures of the Clifton kiddos. Aren't they just beautiful and sweet kids?!:) You did a wonderful job capturing their little personalities.