Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer rocks

We have four tomatoe plants
and lots of tomatoes! Oh I hope we harvest a bumper crop. :)
I have a cactus that is going wild in a pot I don't really like. I decided to snip a few pieces and put them in some thrift store pots.
This 50 cent pot is a new
A cute addition to our living room. We actually
call it the "Christmas Tree Room."

Our roses always do fabulous first bloom, then they look sort of sad.
We had a heat wave last week. I thought roses liked heat, but
mine couldn't be in a worse mood.

My craftroom is fairly organized... this is good for my mood.
I took these a couple of weeks ago. Hazel
was so curious about what was in the wicker box.
Rockhim and rollhim
Now, it's Hazel's turn!!

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Anonymous said...

Your cactus looks so cute in the pot. We aren't getting many tomatoes this year. It was way too hot in June this year. Glad that yours are doing good!