Saturday, July 17, 2010

Enjoying our T-I-M-E

Some serious cousin fun going on here.
Lane, Merit and Willem are having a ball.
Natasha is a great sport!!!
enjoying summer evenings
Lovin' the relaxing days of summer
Our little cabin cozy, with Natasha enjoying a magazine~

I am really liking staying close to home this summer.
I love having Hazel being able to get good naps so that she is a
happy baby! I also love playing with the boys in our yard.
Willem is always up for a hike and his cousin Lane is too so having those boys
hike, pretend and explore is so cool.
The boys swam at Gramma Kris' too -- a great way to cool off on a 90 degree day!
Jordan Jansen, another cousin, is in town playing baseball in a tournament here.
That team from Lynden is incredible!!
Vance and Merit are at their third or fourth game! They are really enjoying watching
these talented young athletes and getting some time with family.
Other Lynden friends are in town too.
Natasha and I got some good time visiting with Amy VanDalen yesterday.
Natasha and I hit a few thrift stores too and found some really fun buys!
Have a great weekend... enjoy the summer sun!


Team Roy said...

Looks and sounds so fun! Those pictures all scream SUMMER - I bet those boys are havin a ball together.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the boys had a great time!