Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Photographs A - Z continues

                 Jansen Family

Some K cards for my friend Kristen

Emma and Merit, laughing


The cousins at Thanksgiving
Willem and Merit in Ketchikan, Alaska '06
My mom~ being a good sport in the Lynden Farmer's Day Parade!

naked bum
Hazel today in the bath, cute as can be

Oma's Lodge!!!

Tasha and Lane
The lodge Amara and Will
Lane, Kai and Merit
Fun with family at Oma's Lodge, just outside of Leavenworth

Pretty in Polka Dots!!

Hazel Jane!

Quad Riding
Merit Henry

Today we made gingerbread cookies. A pretty random thing to do
on June 2nd.
This was Willem's Request. While I spent most of the morning on the telephone with a dear friend, Willem watched lots of television. I decided this afternoon we should do something fun together. His suggestion: make gingerbread cookies! So we did.

Oh and I made one for a friend.
A friend who can really appreciate the random, silly fun
of making  gingerbread cookies in June.

Merit came home from school at 1:20 this afternoon (early release today - yay!) and joined the fun!
More tomorrow!


Lesha said...

What a GREAT idea. Love the older and new pictures. I have a feeling Amara and Brielle will be all over Hazel next time they see her. Oh, yeh, and me too, she's so cute. Oma lodge. We should go next year.

Natasha said...

The ones of Hazel in her polka dots are adorable. I love it that Willem wanted to make gingerbread cookies in June and in his spongebob jammies no less!

Anonymous said...

I bet those cookies were yummy! Cute pictures!