Thursday, June 17, 2010

Park Playing, Strawberry Picking

Friends are blessings!
Look at cute Mackenzie!

baby Lincoln


Boys having fun!
Boy on the run!
Strawberry Picking

Jessica, Maria, and Mackenzie strawberry picking

Gotta start them young! I was raised picking strawberries. I picked my second
flat yesterday with Hazel on my hip. That is why it isn't overflowing like the first. :)

Then I got home and we went a little crazy with strawberry/rhubarb crisp~!
Merit and I love it!
I had two stalks of rhubarb ready in our garden. I picked them and added that tart taste to all of the delicious strawberries~


Tami said...

How adorable! Yum those strawberries look sooo good...wish I was there picking with you all!

Jessica said...

I froze some of mine and we ate almost all the rest. I love strawberry rhubarb crisp! I was just talking to Michael tonight about my love for it. He isn't a fan...booooo! I am definitely growing some rhubarb in my garden next year though.

Anonymous said...

Those strawberries look so good! My grandfather had a rhubarb plant in his garden. I always thought that they were way too bitter.

Great pictures!