Wednesday, February 14, 2018


A Valentine Late Start!! YES!
And we don't have to make up late starts!! Willem starts at 10, Merit at 10:20 (this is a guess, he'll be there by 10!) and Hazel 11 - YAY! Oren loves having his Hazel home a couple of extra hours! 
The snow is beautiful!! Maybe 4 inches? The sun is shining now though so it is beginning to melt a bit. 

Eight years ago I was reading blogs and posting on my blog, regularly. If I had a half an hour to sit down in the afternoon, I read blogs. I got to know people in different corners of the U.S., big cities and small cities. They shared child rearing, recipes, Bible studies, family vacations... I was introduced to great books and loved reading about the lives of other women. And then blogs became less popular, it seems. Facebook, Instagram, texting... anything INSTANT sort of took their place. And people maybe didn't want to take the time to read blogs or write blog posts for that matter.

I know that REAL conversations, REAL people, a handwritten letter and a hug do far more for any of us than a Facebook or Instagram post. But when I can share pictures of my kids and see pics of other kids in our lives, when I can quickly learn the score to a basketball game, when I can see whose child is doing a fundraiser, when I have the opportunity to wish someone a Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary; Facebook and Instagram are pretty cool. Although it takes more time to blog and to read blogs, it really is worth it and I hope to do even more of it. When I was home more with napping babies and nursing babies it really was a fun. If I was up at night with a sick baby, I could read (and often be encouraged) by a blog I love.

I hopped on Knit by God's Hands this morning! She had a neat Valentine message. Lady in the Stone House is always a good read. I love her adventures.

And today, we are delivering little valentine bundles to teachers and a few friends!
Oren shared valentines with his pre-school classmates yesterday. He had a very fun party. Hazel has her party today!

Tomorrow I get to be Hazel's teacher! YAY!


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Tami said...

Thank you. It’s been so good to get to know you through our blogs. I love reading about your family, crafts, homemaking and adventures. Happy Valentine’s Day my friend! 💕❤️