Saturday, March 4, 2017

Disney part 2

Uncle Reese bought Oren this lolli pop! He enjoyed it!
We needed a little magic.
A little hand holding. 
A get away.
This winter has maybe been tougher than I thought. I called Kristen today (CA girl friend, gets me on so many levels) We did a quick 1 hour catch up on life. We get this in person once a year and on the phone 3 or 4 times a year. She seems to read me like a book and the last couple of chapters could have been better.
So, a vacation can rejuvenate - even an over nighter somewhere fun can do that I believe. 

My uncle Will passed away suddenly the week before we left for this vacation and thinking of his wife and kids, their emotions, grief, their reality right now made me want to lift them up often in prayer. They are heavy on our hearts. 

Soaking up family on the trip was good. 
NO fighting was a highlight. 
Laughing about silly things another.
Fun rides, great sights, yummy food (my sweet friend Shannon had great recommendations in the food department)
I can't wait till we go back! In a couple of years I hope.

We loved the Jazz Kitchen.

 Oren was not into the pic.
These people are easy to travel with and we share pretty much all of life's details with them. A blessing for sure.

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Tami said...

What a fun trip! The happiest place on earth, sister time, cousin fun, and princesses, perfect. Thank you for the cute cards! It is so great to get happy mail.
Hang in there, summer is coming!