Tuesday, January 17, 2017

This ain't no empty nest

meal worm snack time!

oh Oren. 
This kid. 
He talks A LOT.
He LOVES to pretend! 
He suggests different pretending by saying "Pretendza..." It is like "pretend the..." 
My brain hurts from all of his talking and my belly sometimes hurts from laughing.

a little crafting...

Thrift store book reading...

No school again today! 
Time for reading! We should be doing more of that. 
Vance spoils us with lunch out on some of these no school days, like today.
All four of these kids under one roof for DAYS on end is FUN, tiring, funny, messy and terrific!
(we are not going to like making these days up in June)
But for now, we just enjoy it! 
Someone is always eating. There are plenty of dirty dishes and I can barely keep my cupboards stocked! 
I am really thankful we have our shop and loft. Ping pong and time on the treadmill is good exercise. I think we need a dance party soon. Oren loves playing cars in there. 

I'll be the worse empty nester. 
Wait, I will still have my chickens.

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