Thursday, January 12, 2017


3 snow days this week
Lunch out
Games at home
Cold Chickens
Lazy mornings
A quick Uncle Matt visit
Memories of sweet baby Case
Prayers, trust and love

 I bought this Seek and Find game at Goodwill. The kids played it for a long time with NO MATCHES. It kept them busy. Then I hear them say they had been through all of the cards and STILL no matches. There was not ONE match in the whole PILE. ! Oh dear!
 Kids grabbed a hold of Uncle Matt. We sent him with some snacks for his road trip. He is off to Mexico.

The Can Am has been fun though! Sledding too!

Chickens need dust baths and the ground has been froze for a month. 
SO, Willem made them an artificial dust bath with fire place ash. 

Our sweet nephew Case left this world on a January day engraved in my mind. January 12.
Whispered prayers for Tasha, Reese, Lane, Estelle and Ingrid appreciated.

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Katie Allred said...

Love your posts...praying for Natasha and family. Enjoyed our quick visit today, miss you!