Thursday, January 19, 2017

Boredom Busters

Pancakes from scratch
Blueberry, chocolate chip

These boys have been baking, pancake making and panini making like crazy

 ping pong fills the afternoons
We weren't watching Dr Phil but scrolling channels! Love it the "screen shot" I got though!

Willem cut and colored confetti~ 
He threw it for Merit and Haze~ 
If they caught a "winner", Willem gave them some of his own money! 
Some were worth 50 cents, some $1 and a couple worth $5!
I felt like I was watching The Price is Right!

Imaginations are soaring! 
We haven't been to school yet this week.
I hope I can remember where the schools are. 
Ice storm "2017"

And on the agenda for today;
a treasure hunt in the shop
a movie at home
I am going to have each child write one letter to a family member
throw in a bit of fighting
and eating, we're good

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