Thursday, December 29, 2016

More Christmas Pictures!

And more Christmas memories from our time spent in Lynden! 

Over the holidays I have my camera out and ready, as you can plainly see! 

And this week it is fun for the kids to play with their 
Christmas goodies!  The big boys each got a video game, they are having fun with that. We are playing board games and card games! Willem is hoping to go to the movie theater. Hazel loves her Calico Critter set. Oren is having fun with his cars, trucks, his puppy, his stuffed animals and just watched a new Christmas movie. The days feel good. Winter break is a fav! --- We are bagging up some gently used toys and clothes for Serve Moses Lake. The big boys will like making that delivery. We are so blessed! A warm, cozy home, lots of good food! Games, toys, puzzles... we are thankful.

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