Saturday, December 3, 2016


 Darla is feeling bashful.

soap making fun! I am loving it. 

I clean a lot with baking soda. Cleaning my sinks with baking soda and lemon is my fav. Yesterday I was buying baking soda at the $1 store. But I think I pay 59 cents at the Grocery Store... hmmm anyway, Oren and I were browsing there. It was fun. We left and decided to have a little date at Michael's Bistro. That place is beautifully decorated for Christmas. That morning I woke up a bit weary and needed a coffee pick me up with my favorite 3 year old. I needed a mood booster. The night before there were homework headaches, dinner complaints, fights between two of our kids and Merit was SO quiet after basketball practice.

A dad and his daughter sat at a table near us. The dad was spelling out APPLE JUICE as he poured it into a small cup for his daughter. She was darling, with the cutest crocheted hat. A couple of older ladies commented on how cute she was, how cute her hat was. I was just wrapped up in everyone's visit. Then thinking, why am I not spelling out apple juice. And why am I not counting with Oren like I had been and why isn't he potty trained? I ask myself why, I analyze what's happening but try to remember we all have days when we are "on" and some days we are not. Oren was so quiet, watching me observe. We walked out at the same time as them. Another woman said to the man "your daughter is so cute" right as Oren said "I just farted." My kids keep me humble and they make me laugh and Oren is the best 4th child I could ask for.

Sometimes I am weary and sometimes I am tired. And sometimes Chicken Enchilada soup isn't a favorite. But you know what, all is good. I will keep trying and keep laughing and call my girlfriends and vent. I will say a lot of prayers and I will be kind to others.

Today is the anniversary of the death of our sweet friend Lilly. What her mama is feeling today is hard for me to begin to imagine. --- It is a reminder to pray for all of those who have lost a child. It is a reminder to NOT sweat the small stuff. It is a reminder to hug our babies.

Life is hard, but there is so much JOY tucked in. Some days we just have to look harder for it than others.

2 photo shoots today, so fun!!
And tomorrow, church, family time, maybe get our Christmas tree! I will count m and ms with Oren... or maybe cheerios. ;-)!

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