Sunday, July 10, 2016

Saying good bye to one season of baseball, floating the creek, longtime friends...

Floating Crab Creek is an activity we have LOVED this summer and last...

Brenda, Kai, Merit and Willem enjoyed it yesterday afternoon! 

This is one of my favorite spots on the creek. It is a gorgous area to wade and the sound of the water is amazing!

Baseball state for Willem was great. We would have LOVED to make it further, but we had some good games. I enjoyed that it was here in Moses Lake. We connected with SO many Lynden families. I loved this.

I have known Doc and Joyce as long as I can remember. Sitting with them through one of Willem's games was a joy. Getting caught up and talking baseball was great.

 It was really hard to say goodbye to these kids, coaches and families. We have been together since March. It has been really fun getting to know them. And each of these boys has become a better ball player.

And tomorrow, the 13 U state tournament begins for Merit Henry.

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