Monday, July 4, 2016

Down time, sweet summer moments...

Summer days allow for more down time. More play. It just feels so good. 
I found three dolls sleeping in a slipper a couple of days ago. I didn't find that during the school year.

Hazel and I went out flower picking the other day. We took our time. 

It feels good. The past three days have been so relaxed and having my brother Phil here was perfect! He PLAYS with the kids, gets down on the floor and plays! Plays trucks, tractors, restaurant...laughs with them. Gets a kick out of Oren's "language" it was so good!! And Hazel and Oren couldn't have had more fun! 

And then when the big guys get back from their trip, Willem's baseball state starts! And the following weekend Merit's! Man these kids grow fast. And boy do we ever love baseball.

4 years ago and this year...
Happy 4th to you all! 
I am so thankful for our country and for our life here.

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