Saturday, May 7, 2016

Who I miss, what I miss

I keep getting a lump in my throat.
And I am thankful it is sunny because I will be wearing my sunglasses all day, till 11 p.m. tonight. And tomorrow too.

Emotions run high. Part of that may be because our kitchen sink is completely plugged and the breakfast dishes sit dirty on the counter. Vance has the Snake, the Draino ...

Our elementary school principal, Mrs. Mason, was buying a flat of petunias today. She was behind us in the checkout line. She told me they were for her mom and that her mom plants them every year. My mom did too.

Hazel made a darling Mother's Day gift at school. And wrote about me. She wanted to give it to me early. (The boys tell me they have something special too.)
I got a lump in my throat and was glad I was wearing my shades and gave Hazel a big smile and hug when I opened her hand print butterfly! And the beautiful finger print necklace.

We bought a sno cone maker today. Oh is this purchase ever a hit! This is a "toy" or "appliance" that we would have begged our mom for as kids too! In fact,  Lesha brought one over to my dads a summer or two ago and made all the kids sno cones! They were a hit.

Some year soon, I need a mother's day with my sisters and my grandma.

My mom was my biggest fan. There is this fabulous thing about moms; they often encourage, support and believe in you in such a genuine, present way. And that unconditional, true love from a person you totally trust, it is beautiful.  And maybe today, this Mother's Day Eve, THAT is what I miss most.

But everything about my mom is WHO I miss the most.

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