Sunday, May 15, 2016

Our baseball weekend

Oren likes to come into the bathroom stall with me. We use the bathroom often at baseball fields, not because we have some sort of a problem but because we are there, A LOT. So, he comes in with me yesterday and decides to crawl under the door and go out, while I am peeing. Chubby toddler hands, swiping all acrossed the dirty bathroom floor. I hurry out!  Okay Oren, let's wash your hands! "I don't yike it" is his reply! He makes me laugh a lot and he is a stubborn little thing sometimes. He loves the concession stands. He cheers for the Dirt Brothers and the 10 U. The baseball fields are his second home.

We got to Target yesterday between games and Hazel decides she HAS to get shoes. She is one of those "shoe girls" -- she is trying on funky, super cute, impractical sandles. We buy some. Last night at the game in Yakima, in the pouring down rain she tells me she may be developing blisters on her feet. (side note, Target took them back today, pretty cool. We will find something more practical)

The game last night was WET. Pouring and it began to feel cold. Oren found every puddle he could and soaked his shoes and the bottom of his pants. Giggling most of the time! The umpire turned back between innings and said "who is that giggling?! Well, keep it up!!" Hazel had so much fun with Brooke, Maddie, Vivian, Lely, Emma. But once she was really wet she was begging for a movie in the car.

I love baseball. I love watching these boys work. I love good sportsmanship. I enjoy the parents. The kids have a blast! The only thing I wish is that I could be two places at once. Willem played in the Puyallup/Tacoma area this weekend, Merit in Yakima.

It is time to shout out some baseball pants, get some reading in and relax. Tomorrow is Monday already. These are the days.

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