Sunday, November 8, 2015

When your Christmas card photo shoot doesn't go exactly as planned...

Oren is so hot and cold. He is moody. He is opinionated. He is compassionate. He is darling. 
He is giving me gray hairs people. 
If he doesn't want to pose for a picture, he won't.
Sometimes a photo shoot doesn't go as planned. 
Sometimes LIFE doesn't go as planned. 
I feel like I learned 10 things today. It's amazing that I am 40 and I am still learning so much. Each day, each week, each month.
These kids are incredible. Mostly I mean that in a good way. Merit, Willem and Hazel were so patient today. Two year olds are unpredictable.
Sometimes beautiful memories are made in the simplest things and sometimes I can plan a whole carefully orchestrated day and it can unwind nothing like I planned.
People I know and love are hurting and every single day I get the opportunity to pray.
If I let my kids teach me things, they will. Every day.
Merit was supposed to get a tooth extracted tomorrow (a baby tooth that needs to come out ). It came out tonight after he worked and worked on it! He pointed out he saved me about 50 bucks. 
When I go for bike rides with Willem, he is honest and raw and speaks of everything that makes him happy and all that frustrates him. Sometimes there are tears. Sometimes they are mine and sometimes they are his.
Hazel has been trying to teach me The Itsy Bitsy Spider in Spanish and I can't begin to sing it as beautifully as she does. But yesterday, she sang it to a little Mexican girl at Moses Lake's new Marshalls and I thought I might cry.

 Fast forward 10 years. I think I have a 7th grade cross country star in Oren. Look at that form!!
And when the going got tough, this girl busted out in dance moves.

Begging, pleading, "Oren, do you want to be on our Christmas picture??" 
There is very little reasoning with a two year old. 

My kids love each other more than I could every imagine. 
I have this too with my brothers and sisters and it is one of the most amazing gifts. 

Pray for our Veterans. Past and Present.
Pray for JOY because it can be found.
And if life gives you lemons... well, you know what to do.


Natasha said...

love you

Leah Roy said...

I love this so much!! God bless you and your family, Michele!!