Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Tuesday Evening Check in...

These chickens are therapy.  Photography and chicken farming are good for my soul. My sis Natasha needs your prayers. There are uncertainties and just big "life stuff" standing in the way of light hearted days. God is so much bigger than so much of this worry and uncertainty.
Prayerful friends are such a sweet blessing.

The Veteran's Day Assembly today at Longview was amazing! And Willem was selected to read a poem he wrote. Shannon took Oren. I was so glad! The assembly was a little longer than I anticipated and being able to give my full attention felt really good. Vance and I sat together and enjoyed it.

Merit is heading to Frontier for an Activity night he earned through collecting for jog a thon, a fundraiser for his school. I love having a 7th grader.


Debra said...

I will be Praying for your sister & her family! I love your chicken pictures... Those girls are so cute!

kelly said...

God is so much more. I totally agree! God is all. <3