Saturday, November 28, 2015



Thanksgiving at Vic's was good. Delicious food, time together and A LOT of cousin fun!

Isabel is a talented girl!

These two. 
I have never thought they looked alike, but here they do a bit.
They are kind and fun!

Emily! Love this girls' strength, competitive nature and kindness.


I am grateful for

2) Merit's attitude
3) Willem's willingness to learn
4) Hazel's heart and sweet spirit
5) Oren's personality and the way he keeps me humble as a mom
6) My husband
7) Hope in Jesus
8) Being able to fill up my gas tank. I grew up watching many not be able to do this and when I was in college I certainly couldn't do this. Five dollars here, five dollars there. I can pull up to the pump and fill my car and that is a luxury.
10) This Thanksgiving weekend and also Thanksgivings in the past...

 Pictures from previous Thanksgivings:

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