Friday, November 6, 2015

Conference week, a drive down Lost Lane, life with a two year old

Vance, Spike and Willem put A LOT of work into our new hen house! Spike taught Willem how to run his drill. Willem helped with some pretty cool details. Vance worked on the coop all day last Saturday and well, I have some happy chickens!

This week has been very busy. School projects, half days for the kids... I taught a  rubber stamping class at Longview through Reflections. That was fun. Then the following day a photography class. Engaged kids and awesome help made this a success. This was our parent/teacher conference week. I think I met with 7 teachers total. Merit, Willem and Hazel are doing well. Merit has a lot of work as a 7th grader. His grades are good but I know they could be better. And I will help him work even harder. Conferences were good. I am thankful for their teachers!

 Yesterday Oren had a fit that lasted quite a while. Whew. He did not want to be buckled in the car -all the while he was screaming "NO THANK YOU!!" But at least he was polite about it. :-) Then he started watching Curious George and held his puppy... all was well.
I took a drive past the Christmas tree farm not far from our home...

This Christmas tree farm is on Lost Lane

I was able to dream a bit of going there to get our tree...

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