Thursday, May 14, 2015

It's me again

We are making sprinkle bars right now. Brings back childhood memories. 

Last week Maria stopped by for a bit. Emily and Hazel got a bit of time to play together and I was able to share some things from my garden with Maria.

Last week, Willem had a Charolette's Web project due. 
We worked on it in the shop. He gathered lots of sticks to hot glue to the outside of the barn (large shoe box). We made a fence out of sticks too. We cut out a little window and made curtains from scrap fabric. We gathered some chicken bedding for Wilbur and the gang and really enjoyed working on this together. We waited till nearly the last minute to complete this. My oh my. I realized after 8 p.m. that we were going to run out of hot glue sticks so I headed to the store for more! 

Sometimes I wish I was more prepared. I am a random romantic.

The next day Hazel, Oren and I were getting groceries and Hazel asks me "Why is Oren wearing a Christmas shirt?" What? A Christmas shirt? I look over at him. It was more of a "wintry shirt" in my defense. oh boy. And I imagine I had dressed him before I had my coffee.

Vance had meetings in Seattle for a couple of days and I went crazy on my thrift store upcycles. Speaking of upcycling junk fun finds - my sister Lesha is awesome at this! She has an etsy shop and sells some of the cutest things! 
I painted this table summer squash yellow. I love the color. It was an ugly brown before.

Raising chickens is so much fun.

Life is good, busy, sweet, messy, beautiful ---- 

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Natasha said...

I love the random ways about you!