Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday Evening Update

Adventures and hikes with these two are good for the soul! 

Mother's Day was nice and the weather was beautiful so we spent most of the day outside. I loved that! 

Planting our garden was fun. Vance took out two old raised beds that were falling apart and put in one square raised bed. In addition to that we planted pole beans and lots of things in a big garden area.
Today Hazel and I spent more time out there while Oren napped. She loves planting! And I love watching her and working with her.

Willem is in a reading contest! So we better get to our bedtime reading! 

I found myself thinking of my sisters so much yesterday. 
My grandma Alma too... my mother in laws and of course my mom. Lesha has the grocery list our mom wrote the day she passed away. Seeing her script on that grocery list is so special. She posted a darling picture of her and my mom along with the grocery list on facebook. 
Hazel and Willem made me darling gifts at school!! 
And Merit was so sweet! He offered to do a lot of chores. 
Oren was fussy Saturday but so much happier yesterday so that was great. He is at such a curious, fun, tough age. Grocery shopping with him is an adventure.
These children are so fun! I am so thankful! 

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Natasha said...

I love having the kids help plant the garden! You are teaching them so much!