Sunday, May 24, 2015

A little Sunday evening update

These two.
Buddies but rivals! 
Oh it has been fun to watch these two grow! And this season we got to watch them play ball against each other. Two awesome, responsible boys!
Merit and Jace Allred

Her spirit.
Oh how I love her!

Last weekend in Chelan was wonderful! 
The weather was terrific! Our boys did great! They played in the championship and took second. On Saturday night we left the dads back at the camp with the kids and some of us moms went out for dinner and drinks and just had FUN! This group is so fun.

This child goes to baseball games about 4 nights a week and most weekends. 
I would say he just goes with the flow, but that wouldn't be entirely true. 
Mr. Hot and Cold can love it one evening and hate it the next. 
That is where Morgan :), graham crackers, the ice cream truck and mommy snuggles come in! 
Oren Paul has a lot of spunk.
God knew what he was doing when he gave us this "bonus baby." Oren is keeping his parents "young."

Our guys last weekend in Chelan

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