Sunday, November 9, 2014

Thrifting, enjoying the weekend, thinking about Christmas...

My Christmas Goodwill purchases! So fun!
Yesterday Merit and Willem each had two basketball games. 4 games and 4 wins! Pretty great! Then we had pizza here with Cary and Nathan! They were here from Alaska, just passing through. 
Hazel was under the weather yesterday, but is feeling much better today! 

I am feeling artsy.
My friends Marianne and Shannon are part of the decorating team for church.
They always do a beautiful job! Once the "theme" for Christmas is decided, I start hunting... I can to contribute and work a little bit with these great gals! It inspires my creativity.

a weekend thrift store purchase for the cabin!

Frozen mango juice bars... Oren had one for the first time and LOVED it!

Oh and Kelly - I have loved the conversations with you! 
Kelly is a friend that Natasha introduced me to. We have been encouraging each other, helping each other set goals; it has been great!! 
And she gets excited about good thrifting too! :)

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