Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Good bye fall, hello brrrrr

on the go
This photo was taken maybe 4 days ago, when being barefoot outside still felt good! 20 degrees today! Our temperatures dropped QUICKLY!

Hazel wanted to get a pic of me on a fall walk the other day! :)

Oren was a darling monkey for Halloween!

Reise, Merit and Will on Halloween!

He still doesn't eat candy, so he really wondered about all the hype! 

I love FALL!
And THIS girl!

Our trees were gorgeous for about ten days. Now, the leaves are gone!
And although I posted before... here is our little Tiana on Halloween.
I didn't get any pics of the four children together.
It was a fun night! Trick or Treating with lots of friends.

I am sipping a hot, nonfat, decaf caramel latte.
Tastes so good on a really cold day
I enjoyed craft time with friends last night in our loft. It was so good for the soul. Being encouraged by sweet friends is such a blessing!
Having the kids home yesterday was such a sweet treat!!! Movies, games, Dominoes... I loved it.


kelly said...

That latte sounds tasty! Love the Fall and love to see your pictures! ����

Natasha said...

Love those costumes! Wish I could've been at your craft night!