Sunday, November 16, 2014

Oren Paul, Phil visits, life around here...

I took these pictures on October 19th.
I can't believe how much the weather has changed since then.
We were still running out to the garden almost daily to gather produce! I already miss that.
I have to check on my kale. I wonder if that too is even done.
My friend Maria had given me this interesting Oregano plant that just TOOK off! Oh, I wish I would have brought some little starts indoors before the cold weather hit us hard.

I can't begin to express how much joy this boy brings us. I don't know if I am an "older mother"... some would say yes, others would say no. I soak him up in so many ways. He has been an independent child in many ways. He goes to other people far better than Merit and Willem ever did at this age. Both he and Hazel have been more social at a younger age.  He is a great napper. He can be a character! He LOVES giving Willem kisses. The rest of us, only sometimes. He likes pretending to be a baby lion. His expressions are priceless.

And now brrr it is cold outside! Being cozy inside feels good! 

Phil was passing through for work. He was on his way back from Montana. We enjoyed Taco Soup with him, home movies and some laughs! I have some really neat old home movies of our mom. It is so good to hear her voice and her laugh. Phillip left early Saturday morning to get back on the road. I LOVE being the oldest of five. I do have to say that I think of my siblings all the time and with losing our mom, I have a certain amount of "mom worry" for my siblings. But when that worry creeps in, I am reminded to pray. I love being able to pray for my brothers and sisters and I love time spent with them. 

These FOUR!

Oren really likes to read. He points at the pictures, shows us the pictures. I love his jabber. 


Natasha said...

Oren is so cute! We would love some Uncle Phil time up here is AK!!

Tami said...

Oren's cheeks! He is a doll. It is nice to cozy up and be inside even though we love summertime. This feels good and I love soup season!

kelly said...

Can I get in on this love? Baby Lion Sweetness ❤️ Love to hear about life in Moses Lake.