Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday, January 12

This has been a really rough week.

I will explain briefly about my sister Lesha's ICD procedure. 
She called the Seattle hospital Wed. to find out what time she should arrive Thursday. It was then she learned insurance would not cover the heart device she had carefully researched and decided on. She was overwhelmed and bummed.
So, different device, different placement and more of a surgery, with no time to get used to the idea. The surgery happened. It was very difficult. She is petite and getting everything where it needed to be was very difficult. After some time, it was determined that the procedure was not a success. The procedure was repeated Friday. Hundreds of texts, several phone calls and many, many prayers later, the surgery was a success, we thank God for this.

It has been a few years since I had felt that discouraged.
I can't imagine how Lesha felt.

It is great to know Lesha is home. Please pray her follow up appts. look good.

The people who reached out, cared and prayed were and are a blessing. 

Today is the anniversary of my nephew Case's death. Ugh. 
Earlier I had a blog post about how excited I was about January. 
I think I was being overly positive if there is such a thing.

Breaking out of this funk is hard. 

Here's to a better week, a better outlook, and a great recovery for Lesha. :)

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