Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy Birthday Willem

Seriously cute.
Such a sweetheart.
Love for life. 

The boy who loves an Alaska adventure, camping or any outdoor fun...

Happy Birthday Willem Vance!!
Adventure Seeker, kind hearted, sweet boy!!
We love you so much! 

A bitter sweet day today. We love celebrating Willem, but last night my Grandma Dorothy passed away.
Heaven is now her home. 
She lived a long, great life. 
She always had family near her and was so good to her family.
She was a character and will be greatly missed. 
Death is never easy
But I am very thankful Grandma Dorothy lived a long, full life.


Maria said...

Happy Birthday to your fun loving Willem! So Sorry for the loss of your grandma Dorothy.

Natasha said...

Happy Birthday Willem! You are one cool kid!!

kelly said...

I hope Willem had fun on his special day! What a cutie!