Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A little update...

Whew. I am kind of behind on a lot of things.

Time to make some lists and cross some things off I guess.

Lesha is recovering. She has very limited use of her left arm. I hope and pray that her recovery goes great and that she has a good appt. on Friday. Last week was heavy. 

I would love a weekend with my brothers and sisters. We are kind of spread out and all pretty busy. This summer we'll make it happen. 

I sure enjoyed this morning! Celebrating a friend who turned 40 today! Good, nourishing conversation, a great play date for Hazel and snuggles for Oren. Ohhhhh and GREAT food! 

This Guy.
I am so in love. 
We all are! 

A frosty morning walk feels good

My walking partner, Nellie, is pretty sweet and always up for an adventure.

I have to keep moving. Exercise seems good for my mood and my brain. 
Oren's babble is also good therapy. 

Tonight the kids and I are just hanging out. It feels good. Pizza, a movie, cheese its, a little reading... :) 

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Natasha said...

I need to catch up on a lot of little things too! But trying to not let that bother me and enjoy my days :) You are always good at that!