Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Grandma Dorothy

Heaven now has a little more laughter and love. A fashionable, wise, wonderful person entered those
gates Sunday evening. She was welcomed by her parents, several siblings, husband, daughter in law, great grandson... The reunion must be wonderful! 
My grandma Dorothy was smart, witty and had a great sense of humor. 
She was a character.
She was someone who really loved her FAMILY. 
She invested LOTS of time in her family. 

Grandma Dorothy and her great grandchildren! 
This was taken at Berthusen Park, celebrating her 90th birthday.

I remember when Grandma Dorothy held Merit for the first time! 
The day Merit was born, Grandma Dorothy became a great grandmother and then in the years to come, MANY more great grandchildren were born. 

January has been exhausting. Lesha's difibrillator procedure that had to be repeated was heavy. 
A tiring time, especially for Lesha. Saying lots of heart prayers... Lesha is brave and a trooper! 
She is doing lots better now.

Grandma Dorothy went to the hospital last week. She was surrounded by family. 
Natasha and I are the only grandchildren that don't live in or close to Lynden. So, Grandma has all six of her children there, sons in law and daughters in law, grandchildren and great grandchildren. She enjoyed her family so much and was always surrounded by them.

I am looking through some old pictures. Remembering Grandma Dorothy. I am soaking up these wee ones and the washer and dryer are going non stop.
Later today we will celebrate Willem's birthday in his classroom. He requested Dominoes! Carrying several pizzas, juice boxes, Oren and getting Hazel into the classroom should be entertaining.
On Sesame Street this morning, the letter of the day was the letter O. This was rather exciting, because of Oren Paul. ;) Hazel sang along with some of the tunes with her microphone, a bulb syringe, in a hand me down outfit from Maddie which is great because they are cute but even more importantly they are from MADDIE.

We went to a basketball tournament for Merit in Wenatchee over the weekend. It was fun! I love watching Merit play. He is competitive and works so hard. Willem loves hanging with Merit's friends and Willem and Hazel had buddies to run around with and visit with during all of the games. Oren is a pretty cute fan.

There is a lot of good, even on the heavy days. And soaking up the small stuff, well, that is what I love to do.


Maria said...

...and you do it well, dear friend. You find the beautiful in the hard and I admire you for it! Hugs to you and your family during this time of goodbyes.

Katie said...

What wonderful pictures and memories you have! Your Grandma Dorothy sounds like such a neat lady. I'll be thinking of you as you make the trip over this week and saying prayers for safe travels and a great weekend filled with family and friends. Great chatting with you for a bit yesterday, we'll get a good visit in next week :)

Lots of love to you and so glad you and Hazel enjoy those clothes!!!