Saturday, September 7, 2013

Football Baby!

Merit played great this morning!! 
He is on the GIANTS, #10 -- he got some action today! He was aggressive, he hustled, he made some nice catches and played hard. The game ended in a TIE!

Watching these boys play while holding baby Oren and listening to Will and Hazel play with friends was a highlight of my week. ;)
My brain is a little crazy these days. I am missing my siblings a lot. We got our weekend together in Suncadia which was great, it left me wanting more.  :) This last week my list of things to do was long and prioritizing wasn't working. I spent an hour on the phone with the UW Medical Center, trying to get in for a genetic test. The process is more complicated than I would have guessed.  I expect to hear back from them early this next week. 
I am praying for Lesha and Natasha and their hearts, also for wisdom for the doctors. I want their lives to feel normal (what's that right? :) I think my bros and I need to get in. I am really thankful my echo 15 months ago looked good. That is a good sign, but the genetic test is what really gives us the info.
My kids need a lot of me and this feels overwhelming at times, but also I am thankful for this. God knew I wanted a big family and we are so blessed to have one.
I am back into packing school lunches every morning, going through the stack of papers from school. We are back to nightly reading or TRYING to get back into it.  I want them to get lost in a book. So often they ask "is my 20 minutes up yet?" ohhhh, I want them to read and read and not want to put that book down. ;)  This has happened in the past and what a good feeling that is! For mom and son. 
I LOVE hearing about Merit and Willem's school days!
Their teachers are great and the learning is fun. Willem came home with an entertaining book of frog jokes. I loved listening to HIM read those.
I want to work more on letters and shapes with Hazel, I want to read more to her...I want to be involved in PTA with my boys' school. But is there enough of me to go around? So again, I have to say how thankful I am for days like today, days when I can watch Merit play football WHILE snuggling Oren. We can all go to the game as a family and Willem and Hazel can pretend and have fun with their friends! 
We got home and Merit, Willem and I went on a country bike ride. Now, Vance is making a big pot of chili and football is on the television. It feels good. 

ohhhh and I think I will bake chocolate chip cookies tonight


Natasha said...

Go Merit! I wish him and Lane could be on the same team! They are such football lovin' boys!

Tami said...

This is a wonderful post. You are a busy Mom but really savoring it and that makes it so special.

The transition from Summer to Fall is a nice time of year. Of all the sports and games as a mom of three guys I have to say the pee wee football was my favorite.

And Vance making chili/dinner, that is the best! It's good for mama to have a break.