Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Thursday Update

Phil's visit a week or two ago was enjoyed by all.
Short and sweet! Loved that he came by!

This girl is the BEST big sister ever! 
The best!! 
 I can't believe how good she is to this little guy. She is also VERY helpful.

Special Memory:

I dug through an old tote from my college days on Sunday. In it I found a letter from my mom. 
She had sent me a picture of our family home too! 
I had not read this letter in eight, maybe ten years. It was a treat! Willem and Hazel were with me when I discovered it. Willem was so excited too. 

A shot of the picture and also of the card she had sent! She sent this to me in 1999. :) 

Willem is having a GREAT second grade year so far! 
He LOVES his teacher! 
This is his pig art work. :)

Both of the boys are doing well in school. 
I am proud of their hard work.

The weather has been beauitful. Hazel, Oren and I enjoyed a nice walk, stroller ride and coffee date this morning. :) 

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Natasha said...

I love that you found that card, and the picture of the house is so cool. Those things make Grandma Karen a lot me "real" or tangible to the kids too!